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As longtime readers of the blog will recall, Liquid Architecture is for the children (not unlike Wu Tang).  With that in mind, I’d like to invite all the NYC-area readers to this year’s edition of Funde Razor.

For the fourth year in a row, Joel Johnson (of Boing Boing and the very awesome Offworld) has put together an event that combines rocking, drinking, and helping out some very sick, scared children.  This year’s Funde Razor will be held on Wednesday, December 10 and once again feature the most impressive pretend rock stars in the tri-state area, along with the door prizes and good times that have combined to raise over $12,000 in the last three years.  Participants will be judged on style points (a first), so this year WILL be awesome, without a doubt.

Where: Village Pourhouse
Address: 64 Third Avenue at 11th Street, New York, NY [Google Map]
When: Wednesday, 7PM to Midnight. (The raffle and prizes should be wrapped up earlier.)
Age: 21 and over.
Price: Free, but bring money for raffle tickets and donations!
Hosts:: Joel Johnson of Boing Boing and Offworld, Miguel “Smeeguel” Molinari and Jennifer Boere of RockGamer.com

Of course, readers in the Denver and Bay areas will want to check out simultaneous events in their locales.  If you can’t make it to an event on the tri-city tour, please consider a donation at Child’s Play .  As you’re no doubt aware, it’s been a tough year across the board for not-for-profits.  For the price of two new games, you could help one of Child’s Play’s network hospitals put one more DS into a patient’s hands, or put some new games and controllers into their library.

Thanks and have a terrific holiday!

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Regular visitors to the site may notice a slight change at the top: I’ll be running the New York City Marathon this November, and will be fundraising for Child’s Play along the way.  The new donation button will take you to the official Liquid Architecture gift, so please give it a click.

If you’re unfamiliar with this outstanding organization, you might want to check out their site, or take a look at the big Funde Razor post from last Christmas.  In a nutshell, they buy new game consoles, portable systems, video games, books and other toys for a network of over 40 children’s hospitals worldwide.

The Child’s Play program presents a unique opportunity to reach out through this hobby we all love so dearly, and help some very sick kids get through a very scary time more comfortably.  Beyond that, Child’s Play has the potential to show the world that gamers really do care, and we’re not at all the cold-blooded killers that 60 Minutes would have you believe.  I hope you’ll take a moment to make a contribution – and remember, every single dollar helps.

If you happen to be in the city during the marathon, keep an eye out for the Child’s Play logo.

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‘Tis the Season

Child’s Play

Liquid Architecture is for the children – just like Wu Tang! But seriously, Joel Johnson is hosting his third annual fundraiser (or Funde Razor) to benefit a charity that’s very near and dear to my heart, Child’s Play.

It all goes down on Wednesday, December 12 at Barcade – Brooklyn’s favorite retro arcade/dive bar. Yours truly is actually making the trek to Williamsburg, a ‘hood that I’m not even cool enough to be in the other 364 days of the year! If you live within a drive of the 5 boroughs, I highly recommend coming by, purchasing a ton of raffle tickets, and witnessing some of the best rock stars that have ever touched a Guitar Hero/Rock Band controller.

For the uninitiated, Child’s Play is an annual labor of love organized by the guys behind Penny Arcade. They put toys and videogames in the hands of thousands of very sick, sad children each year, through a network of 40 children’s hospitals worldwide. Of course, none of that happen can happen without donations, so even if you can’t make it to the event in Brooklyn (or the simultaneous rockfest in Denver this year), please consider clicking it here and making a donation, or better yet, purchasing something off one of the hospitals’ wishlists.

Obviously, these hospitals need medicine, supplies and staff just like every other medical facility, but sometimes these kids and their families just really need something to put a smile on their faces. If you need further motivation, here’s a letter from a former children’s hospital patient:

To Gabe, Tycho, and all those amazing contributors.

I felt I needed to write this, to thank you and your wonderful organization for what you have done. I have been a faithful reader of Penny Arcade for a few years now, but this is the first time I have actually taken the time to look over the Child’s Play website. And I was stunned to see that the IWK Children’s Hospital was included on the list of hospitals which would receive donations. The realization that you were helping children everywhere, not just in your own town, or even your own country, brought me to tears.

You see, I was one of those kids who’s earliest memories are of hospital waiting rooms. I spent a large chunk of my childhood in the IWK, enduring four or five surgeries before I was even eight years old. I was born with abnormally small ear canals, essentially leaving me deaf for much of my early life. I learned to read almost before I could speak; I could not properly hear my parents speak in order to imitate them. I was cut off from a world of sound, and often felt like an outcast, as even after surgery I had to learn to speak without a lisp. I was accident prone as well; my balance having been severely affected by the quality of my hearing. And yet even through I made so many trips to the hospital, even though I endured surgery which would leave me feeling ill for days afterward, the games room in the IWK had always been a sanctuary. Where I could play with other children who were like me; who were ill and away from home, but for a short little while, there was a little bit of normality in our lives. We could play, and laugh, and forget that we had to be careful of the IV which trailed behind us wherever we went. We could be children again, even if it was only for that short span of time.

I just wanted to thank each and every person who has contributed to this wonderful charity, because I feel as if each and every one of you has touched my life by touching the lives of these children you help. You’re giving comfort to children who are told to be strong. You’re bringing joy to kids too ill to laugh. And most importantly, you are restoring their hope. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you.

Jenn K.
A gamer, a fan, and a former sick kid.

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