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While this year’s Black Friday sales numbers should be trickling in over the next few hours, I just had to point out First Party,  the new clothes-for-professional-nerds venture from the Penny Arcade guys.  They won’t win Cyber Monday or anything (thanks to teenage girls, anything that doesn’t involve vampires is at a huge disadvantage this year), but every well dressed gamer should have the launch polo on their wish list. 

I first heard about the concept for First Party over a year ago in Wired’s piece on Jerry and Mike.  Just like Child’s Play and PAX, it’s a natural fit for the community and it’s a wonder no one stepped up years ago.  I’m excited to see what their line looks like a year from now, once they’ve diversified beyond essential polos.  One of these may just find a home next to the rainbow of Lacoste basics in my closet.  As an added bonus, they’re available for Xbox LIVE avatars too!


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Great big apologies for the long delay since my last post.  Longtime readers will recall that this type of gap usually follows something very, very big (for me at least) in the world outside of the ol’ blog.  And this one’s no exception.

Mrs. Liquid Architecture and our beautiful new daughter are doing fine, and we couldn’t be happier.  This isn’t turning into a Daddy blog just yet, so expect plenty of smart-assed video game observations to come.  And we’ll get to see what the lack of sleep does to my writing!

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