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thinkerIf you haven’t had the pleasure yet, be sure and spend some time with Robert Ashley’s unbelievably good podcast, “A Life Well Wasted.”  His third episode explores why it is we play games, with interviews from folks on the floor at this year’s Game Developers’ Conference.  There’s also a fascinating in-depth piece on Jason Rohrer, the indie dev behind the lo-fi, intensely thought-provoking Passage.

Ashley’s exploration into why we play videogames is eminently satisfying, because it’s a question we just don’t ask ourselves very often.  Considering how the audience has expanded in recent years, there are as many different motivations to play games as there are gamers to play them now.  What are yours?  Hit up the comments section…

Personally, the reasons why I keep playing have shifted a lot over the years, along with the types of games I play and the amount of time I spend with them.  Games were a novelty, a diversion, a pastime, and a means for both competition and commonality among my friends when I was younger.

As a dear friend pointed out, I don’t necessarily play to compete anymore.  Commitments to a great marriage, a fascinating career and a rambunctious puppy keep my weekly playing hours down in the single-digits-to-teens neighborhood.  I’m just not as good as I used to be, with 30+ hours to practice each week.  Instead, I find myself really playing to experience the fruits of (in my humble opinion) some of the greatest storytellers alive today.  And as a way to bring my friends together and frame the fun we have together.

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